June 7, 2006

What Did We Do, Baby, Without Us?

While the Family Ties theme song may exhibit mash-like moments, don't ever doubt the sweetness of this pop cultural relic. Yet, Nick-at-Nite has inexplicably taken the Keaton family out of our lives and given us Full House's cringeworthy Tanners instead. Why?

Oh, how I miss the financial wizardry of Alex P. Keaton and the pimply growing pains of young Jen. And who could forget that lovable louse, Nick, who repeatedly charmed us with his hilarious, "Heeeeyyyy"?

Luckily, there's an important online petition that demands the return of Family Ties.

Never mind that the petition expired over two years ago. Let your voice be heard!
(by the four people, including me, who might read said petition)


Anonymous said...

Good ol' Nick. The loveable turd that our dear Mallory dated. Fonzi he so wanted to be. What I only found out about a year ago is that Nick had his own spin-off TV show from "Family Ties." Lasted one season (probably less) it was titled "The Art of Being Nick" and featured the likes of Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She finally knows what it's like losing your own show (times 3) after riding a hit.


Anonymous said...

Digging a little more I guess "TAOBN" only lasted one episode.


"...despite finishing second in its time slot, was not picked up by NBC." Maybe television networks do take into account taste? Then again, "Arrested Development" was eventually cancelled so there's no rule for good TV. Of course, that was dipsh*t FOX and featured, again, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Is she the new kiss of death?

~J. Keith van Rappin~