June 12, 2006

Things to do instead of writing a paper

The things I've done today to not write my paper:
1. make three new song playlists
2. edit said playlists
3. play with the cats
4. brush the cats
5. use the cats as pillows
6. experiment with sandwich recipes
7. make a delicious new sandwich by adding sauerkraut to standard grilled cheese and avocado
8. refresh email every 30 seconds
9. write a blog post
10. check the anemic visitor logs to said blog... several times...
11. pluck eyebrows
12. feed the turtle
13. IM with friends all day long
14. plan a birthday party
15. not take a shower


Anonymous said...

With the exception of #15, this is still time well spent. You are still my hero--sandy

tobes said...

i want to thank you for posting this yesterday so i could read it instead of writing my paper.

i might read it again tomorrow instead of grading final exams.

Pleaj said...

I'm going to try that sandwich. Anything I should add besides the kraut?

Cristy said...

adding a little bit of turkey adds a whole lot of deliciousness

erin is gross said...

that sammie sounds like it's ACES!


molly said...

oh how i can relate on the procrastinating--especially right now. i have been trying to start my paper for the past 3 hours and finally have one paragraph. which led to me to feel like i deserved a break, which led me to myspace, which led me to mash theory, which led me to this post. so thanks for the distraction! and i must say, i personally appreciated your birthday party planning procrastination very much!