December 15, 2010

LA News Radio Jingles

Part of the experience of growing up in LA is listening to LA radio. Power 106, Pirate Radio, KROQ, KDAY, KIIS -- so many fun and fond memories of cruising along to a soundtrack of favorite songs. Totally not mash.

But... Listening to boring AM talk radio in your Republican dad's car on the way to school in the morning? Super, duper mash. A friend recently reminded me of the AM radio jingles of my childhood and I can still hear them now.

Some classics:

"All you need to know... KNX 1070 News Radio"
Listen: KNX Mash Medley

"KFWB News 98. You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world."
Listen: KFWB jingles from the '50s

"KFI in the Sky"
Listen: KFI shudders

And lastly, someone has taken the important step of creating a medley of SoCal radio jingles on YouTube.

December 6, 2010

Mama's Family: Bad Mash, Reaaaally Bad

Vicki Lawrence in greyface, the twang, the apron,
the brown-hued living room... 

More shivers....

Blossom: Good Mash!

Awkward pre-teen classic!

Thank you, Mayim Bialik!