August 15, 2006

Mash Round-Up

The beauty of the mash theory is that everyone has their own special mash touchstones, their own versions of the shudder. Fabulous friends and fans of mashtheory have been sending theirs my way.

I’ve compiled a list for all to enjoy:

  • The twangy childhood song, “There’s a Hole in the Bucket, Dear Liza.” That Spearhead did a version ups the ante on the mash factor, in my book. (thanks, laurin)

  • Back-to-school commercials. The excitement of new school clothes never cancels out the sad, inevitable fact that end of summer is nigh. (merci, erin)

  • Being jolted awake every Sunday morning to the blasting sounds of Catholic sermons wafting from the kitchen. (gracias, sanders)

  • Mass-produced St. Pauli’s Girl fraulein outfits, sold in the German version of Mervyn’s. I’d add that Mervyn's in general qualifies. (danke, jenne)

  • Apple's ready-made suggestions for “heartfelt” iPod engravings for loved ones. Share the sweet "earthly delights" of technology. Wha??? (much appreciated, lizzz)

Well done, friends! Keep 'em coming!

August 10, 2006

Me, Luke, and our Green Chrysler LeBaron

My teen bop dreams have finally come true!

Dollarshort has created an online version of the super-fun MASH game that was the absolute highlight of my young life. My 4th grade fieldtrip to the La Brea Tar Pits just wouldn't have been the same without it. Hunched down in the bus seats, laughing 'til my sides hurt, I rolled the dice to see if Corey Haim or Corey Feldman and I would live in a mansion or a shack and drive a VW Rabbit or a Pinto.

I've dramatically re-enacted my pre-teen selections for your viewing enjoyment below. I think this version of my life turned out pretty well. I think Luke Perry would agree.

Try it out! You can choose girls or boys! Brazil or Japan! A Stanger or a PT Cruiser! What's your MASH life?

August 9, 2006

MASH Sense Memory: Childhood Smells

If you grew up in Southern California and spent any amount of time at Disneyland, you may remember that musty, wonderful smell of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.

You’re on the boat, gliding through the cricket-filled swamplands where the old guy with a corn-cob pipe sits in his rocking chair, and you descend into the pirate caves. The air fills with a dank, slightly moldy (in a good way) aroma and you know the fun is about to begin. (And by fun, I mean the prison caves where detainees try to trick the dog into giving them the key, of course.)

Anyway, sometimes, when I turn on the air conditioning in my car, it smells like that for a couple of seconds. I love it. It’s a shining example of the good kind of mash that reminds you of the radness of being a kid and having the best time.

Now if only I could transmit smells via the internet to share the mustiness with you…

(Thanks to Staup-Money for jolting my memory!)

August 7, 2006

Faking It

On a bad date with no end in sight? Trapped at drinks with coworkers at a sports bar called Froggy's? Feeling unpopular and want to pretend you have friends? Feeling low and need undeserved gratuitous compliments? Feeling mashed out by the fact that you have no friends?

The Popularity Dialer is here!

A couple of NYU art students created this handy little insta-friend service. You sign up online to have your phone called at a particular time, and half of a conversation plays on the other end. The faux conversations are hilarious - especially the "female voice" popularity call!

Choose between four call options:
1)The original popularity call (male voice)
2)The popularity call II (female voice)
3)The affirmation call
4)The boss call (aka the "return to the office to deal with the xerox machine" call)

Don't you feel more popular already?

You can make others feel popular, too! I've already sent the affirmation call to a couple of friends who just might love being told how radical and wonderful they are... while in a work meeting with the boss, of course.

August 3, 2006

Drink Recipe: The Cheech

It's been a long week. Hell, it's been a long six weeks. Today is the last day of summer school (so mash). I feel like Mark Harmon and that calls for a drink.

Named after Cheech Marin and, apparently, a favorite sippin' specialty of a certain band, this little concoction will get you straight into weekend mode. It's tequila, but don't be scared. It's delicious.

Patron Silver tequila
Lime (fresh or Rose's)
A dash of Sprite

Tequila: What's to be afraid of?