June 19, 2006

Mash Memories: Land of the Lost

This may be a controversial one, but Land of the Lost epitomizes Mash so fully and completely that I can't let it slide. The grainy, greenish film quality, the surreal timelessness, and the sci-fi pupeteering gave this young lassie nightmares for years.

Oh, and the Sleestaks... the absolutely terrifying Sleestaks.


Ya feel me?


erin is gross said...

i have never once watched that show and due to the intense mash feelings created just by the photos, i will absolutely stay away forever.

sabin said...

This show was so MASH because you had to wake up like at 7 am on saturday (or was it sunday?) morning just to watch it in time. I was obsessed with the giant strawberries and freaked out by the cave with crystals.

Anonymous said...

okay, well i have just discovered mash and i am just blown away by your genius. first of all, i was looking up lady elaine fairchilde, and then i read up on your theory, and then when you mention land of the lost i swear that they are all infinitely connected in the universe. one thing about mashiness, too, is that when i look (or would look, as a child) at lady elaine, mash, land of the lost...i always had a distinct feeling that i could actually SMELL them, and that it all smelled like mildew, must, mothballs and paste. i also always felt mashy when my mom would take me shopping at huge discount stores in the seventies/early eighties with flourescent lights where the dressing rooms are brown and dusty and everything is disorganized.

Enik1138 said...

If you're mashed by Sleestaks you might want to STAY AWAY from this Land of the Lost fan site with coverage of both versions of the TV series and the latest news on the upcoming movie.