June 7, 2006

Prince Meets Sly Stone Meets Funkadelic... or something

Jamie Lidell: not as angry as he seems.

I was in Miami a few months ago and was lucky enough to catch a set by British funk/soul/electronica extraordinaire, Jamie Lidell. He's got an elaborate set-up with all kinds of devices, computers, drum machines, samplers, and microphones but he's a performer. The utter boredom inspired by laptop musicians is well-documented elsewhere, but it seems Lidell is trying to push the model. Styley Lidell records his own beatboxing and neo-soul-ish vocals live, and then skillfully loops, weaves, and scratches the soundbytes, all while dancing and singing. I love dancing and singing! Especially dancing.

Despite the freeflowing Absolut in Miami, it was a tough crowd, braving harsh wind and torrential rains. Lidell was the only act who had everybody shaking their booty, singing along, and loving the hell out of it. One of those performers you just have to see live.

He's playing at Mezzanine in SF on June 29 with Edan and Nobody (and some other places, too). So solid. So much fun to be had. Check it out!

Even NPR likes him... wait, is that bad?

UPDATE: Jamie Lidell: the Pitchfork interview.

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Pleaj said...

He's also one of the funniest new SNL cast members in years!