June 9, 2006

Animal House... with Cats!

Part Big Brother, part America's Next Top Model, it's the Meow Mix House, a wonderfully terrible new reality show starring cats. Ten rescued kitties will duke it out in weekly contests like "Best Purr" and "Top Post-Climber" (What about Stinkiest Breath? Longest Bad Smell Face?).

In voiceovers and blogs (blogs!), you can even get to know each cat's personality.

When a cat gets voted out, it will move to a permanent home and get a year's supply of Meow Mix as a consolation prize.

Cisco looks pretty tough...

But what about these two sweet guys?

Animal Planet will air three-minute segments from 9-10pm on Fridays starting June 16.


totally anonymous internet surfer said...

those two black and white cats are the cutest guys of all time!

Anonymous said...

dude. disco's bad smell face and butt scoot are mash and cute at the same time.