June 14, 2006

Mash Across America

Mash dispatch from the field!
Laurin sends in her list of mash-tastic treats from the heartlands of this great country of ours. From Oakland to New York, The List:
  • Highway political advertising: "Hell is Real"; "It's Not a Choice, It's a Life"; and the entire Ten Commandments
  • All of Ohio, but, more specifically, a Walmart in Mansfield with an unusually high number of "Gummo-like" characters. Missing teeth, stains, and medical walkers were just the tip of the iceberg
  • "Restaurant" (mash in a good way): towns so small that there's literally no need to specify which "restaurant" it is. Many offer helpful reading materials at your table, like, "You know your dating a woman if..."
  • Nashville's "indie scene"
  • Chinese buffets on Route 70, generally in asphalt motel complexes, conveniently located near dirty swimming pools
  • The billboard: "If you can wish, you can believe"
  • Namaste bumper stickers
  • The windowless trailer as thrift store [ed. note: this sounds pretty rad to me!]
  • Reno wellness coordinators who answer the phone at 4am...actually, wellness coordinators in general
Thanks, Laurin! Keep on truckin'!

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