June 22, 2006

Memory Lane: Not a Vacation Destination

If vacations can be mash, which I certainly think they can (ghost towns, anyone?), this little museum in Wales might just be at the top of the itinerary.

Looks fun, right?

Specializing in old mechanical toys, tin boxes, broken dolls, educational games, and early trains, cars, and airplanes, the Museum of Chilhood Memories sends chills down my spine... and not in a good way.

A few snippets of the reviews? Coming right up:
Every room, every exhibit, breathes the Magic of Childhood.

From Nursery and tin plate toys to teddy bears and arcade games, there is something for every age group to relate to. [by "every" they mean "none"]

From an historical angle, it illustrates visually the habits and interests that brought pleasure to families over the past 150 years. [hurray for the historical pleasures of the family! nope, not mash at all.]

God, so many great memories of these old friends.

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dj L.A. said...

That old metal clown spinner toy reminded me of those dancing clown in-a-box things from the 80's. Now, Im not afraid of clowns, but when i would walk into someones house when i was little and they would have one of these, the uncomfortable mashy feelings just took over.

Take a look at this link. This site sells the dancing clown-in-a-box. And apparantely they're sold out!?!? Who is buying these? And what do they mean by "secret drawer"? There's nothing "secret" about it. You can obviously see that it's a drawer.

dancing clown-in-a-box

Anonymous said...

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