June 20, 2006

The Face of a Generation

Steve Aoki, aka DJ Kid Millionaire, aka everywhere's resident hipster, has moved beyond his role as music maestro, Benihana heir, and women's studies scholar (scroll down for that one) to become the future of fashion... or, at least, beauty.

It seems that MAC Cosmetics' new line, Boy Beauty, draws hefty inspiration from the DJ muse, methinks.

See for yourself!

MAC clues us in to the new Aoki-inspired look:
What does a boy want? Same as the girls. Flawless skin, immaculate brows, soft-to-kiss lips. All incorporated into a collection destined to define, condition, and add glowingly handsome "boy beauty" to your looks. Girls can try it too!
I'll take two of everything, stat!


Anonymous said...

wow. this is wild!

dj L.A. said...

i have a sudden craving for benihana.

Anonymous said...

last weekend i had the displeasure of bearing witness to "women's studies scholar" dj rich dad who managed to play the most mysoginistic songs i've ever heard (as if they're hard to come by). including one that repeated "slap that p*ssy" over and over again.

i say, "hang the dj"

Cristy said...

hmmm... so feminists or "women's studies scholars" can't enjoy raunchy, misogynistic music? politics and pleasure aren't necessarily synonymous ... guilty pleasures, anyone?

luz said...

sounds more like a filthy pleasure, if you ask me.