June 14, 2006

The Highs & Lows of Writing a Dissertation Prospectus

As experienced by me:
  • low: getting started (see post below)
  • high: realizing you've written other papers that can "offer" material
  • low: staring at the computer screen for days on end
  • low: mysteriously and painfully tweaking neck muscles after staring at the computer for days on end while exhibiting very poor posture
  • high: rereading what you've written and thinking, "damn, that's kinda good"
  • low: rereading only to realize that what you've written doesn't make a lick of sense
  • high: completing a chapter description
  • high: inventing new sandwiches
  • low: getting up at 5am (i went to grad school to *not* get up at 5am)
  • low: dreaming about prospectus-writing
  • high: in the dream, your friend tells your sleepy dad a heart-warming story about pearl jam while you're whole family laughs in bed together, charlie bucket-style
  • low: carpal tunnel syndrome
  • high: finishing! woo hoo!
  • low: revising all summer long

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Anonymous said...

sounds scary to me