June 16, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: Can I Borrow a Feeling?

Simpsons Jokes Not as Original as They May Seem

So, a few days ago, I got an email titled, "The Worst Album Covers of All Time."

One of the featured masterpieces is super sexy Cody Matherson's album, Can I Borrow a Feelin'?

Sexy Town, Population 1

Ring any bells, Simpsons fans? It's the same name as the demo tape created by Kirk van Houten on a ridiculously funny episode from 1996. van Houten's song - a real classic, btw - later ended up on a Simpsons soundtrack.

The copyright-infringing van Houten holding the infamous demo tape.

That's right, folks! You heard it here first!


Anonymous said...

God I'm loving this blog!

dj L.A. said...

Cody Matherson looks pretty close to identical to my uncle Mark. Ironically my uncle Mark was into Mash. Unfortunately uncle Mark lived in the house i grew up in, so i'd hear the Mash song pretty frequently, which led to what i talked about in my comment on the first post of this blog. Not only was i tortured with eerie, nauseating sounds of the Mash theme, but i was exposed to coke viles and scales at a young age of 4. To this day i can taste the coke dust from the empty brown glass viles.

Karens-Jcu said...

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Aaron said...

Nah, I think Cody is fake for sure,

The Cody album employs modern, perfect fonts and effects when at the time those would have been hand-lettered. Most telling is that the letters do not connect to each other (look at the "ers" from "Matherson), which is what would happen with a font (and someone who didn't have vector-editing tools), but would have never happened with hand-lettering. Notice the blurring on "Cody Matherson." It is inartful and perfect--Photoshop. Also, compare the "C" from "Cody" and the "C" from "Could." It's the exact same C. Again, this is a computer font; not hand-lettering.

Also, look at the quality of the pic. Does that look like a scanned cardboard album sleeve from 25+ years ago? No scratches, abrasions? No color fading?

Someone's just having fun with a terrible photo and a ridiculous song title from The Simpsons.

Ted Ekering said...

Good call, Aaron. I wonder if all of these are fake?


Anonymous said...

It's real and was known to the writers.