December 15, 2010

LA News Radio Jingles

Part of the experience of growing up in LA is listening to LA radio. Power 106, Pirate Radio, KROQ, KDAY, KIIS -- so many fun and fond memories of cruising along to a soundtrack of favorite songs. Totally not mash.

But... Listening to boring AM talk radio in your Republican dad's car on the way to school in the morning? Super, duper mash. A friend recently reminded me of the AM radio jingles of my childhood and I can still hear them now.

Some classics:

"All you need to know... KNX 1070 News Radio"
Listen: KNX Mash Medley

"KFWB News 98. You give us 22 minutes, we'll give you the world."
Listen: KFWB jingles from the '50s

"KFI in the Sky"
Listen: KFI shudders

And lastly, someone has taken the important step of creating a medley of SoCal radio jingles on YouTube.


nanooksvinyl said...

FOURTEEN minutes worth of the KNX jingle. You just can't have the same bumper coming out of another daunting traffic report and a joyous story about ALF being picked up for one more season.

Mash Theory is blogosphere gold (green? like oxidized gold?).

artstgermain said...

wow those am jingles are seriously mash inducing. a big fm trigger for me was always 103.5's karen sharp doing the weather on love songs on the kost.

"it's 58 in burbank, 52 in norwalk, 49 in riverside, and 50 degrees........along.............the kost."

only ever heard from the backseat of your parents' car on a long drive late at night, probably on the way home from disneyland.

jackson Wallace Attorneys at Law said...

Hey teena- this blog is amazing.

jackson Wallace Attorneys at Law said...

Hey teena- this blog is amazing.