November 24, 2006

Collectible MASH

Antique stores and their oddities can sometimes take a turn for the mash with their olde timey broken jewelry boxes, dusty ashtrays, and stained rag dolls.

Now imagine a world where there are an infitine number of such strange treasures.
Welcome to ebay.

Vintage Baby Picture 1920s Blanket Real Hair LOOK!!!

From the seller:
"Here is a wonderful unique collectible. It is from the 1920s era and is 12.5" by 9.75". It is a print out of a baby nestled in a real blanket & pillow set that has lace around the outside. The baby also has real hair!!"

See for yourself:


This is so wrong it almost swings all the way back to right again... but then it doesn't. Not even close.

1 comment:

erin is gross said...

that baby looks MASHed.